Learn, Grow, Succeed

Welcome to Apex International Academy

We are a holistic Kindergarten to Elementary and Secondary Academy located in Trinidad and Tobago offering Academic programmes with options and tailored pathways for both local and International students. We are an Academy where your child can choose from multiple learning options.

We also embed STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) programs with the intention to foster creativity in students while enhancing their critical and strategic thinking and learning skills.

Welcome to Apex International Academy

We Make Learning Engaging and Relevant.

Our Vision

We recognize and understand that every student learns differently according to their individual learning style so we offer education options which parents can select.

Our learning process along with traditional academics; also incorporates a project-based and self-paced approach. 

Our Approach to Education


Research has shown that a high IQ isn’t the sole guarantee of success. Traditionally, those who did better on tests were usually expected to experience tremendous success in life. The reality is, that’s not the case. We incorporate innovative learning strategies to ensure that students have an advantage  at succeeding in life.

Our private school in Chaguanas does not assess students based on summative exams only, because research has shown that this approach can produce an inaccurate representation of student potential and progress.

 As such, our  Academy focuses on fostering students who will have a better mindset to face the real world. Students in our private school in Trinidad also benefit from critical thinking, creativity, strategic thinking, and leadership skills.

Our students can choose a preferred mode of study. We offer in-person, fully virtual, and hybrid educational models. Our Students have options that will benefit them not just academically but holistically.

Our program also includes: Mental Health and Wellness, Science and Technology, Hydroponics and Solar Technology, Performance Arts, Independence and Self Management components which augment our very strong in-person and virtual academic programs.

Success Stories