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Green Initiatives for Today (GIFT)

At Apex our Green Initiatives for Today Programme allows students to examine methods of practicing sustainable gardening and learn how to tend a sustainable garden.

Our GIFT Programme is sponsored by RainDrop Greens Hydroponics and Aquaponics.

Sustainable Gardening Techniques explored include:
– Aquaponics
– Companion planting
– Composting
– Plant choice
– Water Conservation
– Use of Solar Energy

Also, students learn about things not to do in a sustainable garden like tilling or using pesticides or commercial fertilizers.

Awards and BRAIN Bucks

Our BRAIN Bucks programme is an overall performance-based incentive programme which teaches all students, personal budgeting and responsible currency management. Students can earn BRAIN Bucks through a variety of incentive programmes. BRAIN Bucks can then be used to purchase items from the Academy’s BRAIN Bucks Store.

Cultural Celebrations

At Apex students are engaged in cultural activities and programmes which reflect the multi-ethnic and multi-religous diversity of Trinidad and Tobago. This is facilitated through school wide performance events which take place on school grounds.

Yearly events include:
– Carnival Festivities
– Christmas Concert
– Easter Festivities
– Eid Celebrations
– Divali Celebrations

Outdoor Activities and Field Trips

The Academy arranges educational experiences outside of the classroom that are designed to support/enhance the learning of students.
Field trip locations are carefully selected to ensure that students gain an appreciation for and awareness of our nation’s history, culture, natural resources as well as gain an understating of our country’s regional and global significance.

A few of our Annual Field Trip Experiences:
– La Vega Estate
– The National Archive Museum
– The National Science Centre
– The Sugar Cane Feeds Centre

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