Our Philosophy

Apex International Academy is a private school in Trinidad focusing on holistic and modern learning strategies. Students can choose to learn in person, fully virtual, or hybrid (combination of virtual and in-person). We noted how the Covid-19 pandemic changed the landscape of learning environments; therefore we want to ensure that it doesn’t affect students negatively by recognizing this fact.

As such, we ensure our teachers incorporate cognitive and psychological development, in addition to curriculum instruction principles. They focus on developing cognitively apt and mentally resilient students better able to adapt to society.

Apex Academy has been providing options and pathways to educational success to students for over a decade.


Our Mission

Our mission is to be a modern and progressive learning institution generating educational pathways and programs that will form an efficient and successful individual. We focus on the needs and the requirements of each student to provide them with skill-sets and knowledge to allow them to achieve meaningful life successes.

School Experience

We focus on your child’s overall development: Our education method is not test-oriented. We understand that every student has a different learning style. Our Elementary programme supports the local curriculum however at age 10 our students are not mandated to take standardized exams parents have choices for their child(ren)’s advancement.  

Holistic and modern learning methods: The main goal of our private school in Trinidad is our innovative learning strategies. It has become more difficult to keep kids focused in school and motivate them to study due to the effects of the covid-19 pandemic. At Apex International Academy we’ve adopted the innovation that came with the crisis. So, our International Academy offers students multiple learning options, from in-person or fully virtual or hybrid (a blend of both). We want to make students as comfortable with learning as possible.

Caring and Qualified teachers: Our educators are the backbone of our school. Without them, our School would not be as effective as needed. That’s why we choose only the most caring and qualified teachers in our international school. They are well-qualified and will be the key by which we pass on our vision and goals to your students. Everyone at Apex International Academy shares the same goals, which are our guiding principles.

All Apex teachers have years of experience as educators and are specifically trained in how to teach in a student-centred learning environment.

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Students and Parents enrolled our programs benefit from:

Application and Enrolment Information


Here’s a quick look at some of the students we support:

  • Students seeking transition from the traditional school system or another private school
  • Students seeking transition to a flexible school environment with academic options and paths
  • Home schooled students, Local and International students
  • Students who have not completed OR those who recently completed the SEA Exam

All students seeking to enroll in  must be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of the English language.

  • Students aged 5 + are eligible to enroll in our kindergarten and elementary school programme.
  • Students  (age 10+)  are eligible to enroll in our middle school programme.
  • Students 13+ enrolling in any high school program must be able to provide proof of completing the eighth grade or ( form 2).
  • Each child will be assessed for academics prior to acceptance.
  • No student above the age of 20 will be admitted.
  1. Parents are required to speak with School officials in a preliminary interview.
  2. Parents must complete the Application for Admission Form and return to the School offices with the required documents and application fee.
  3. Parents will be be notified of the status of the application. Then a secondary Interview with parents and student will be scheduled.
  4. Our Student Support will schedule an appointment and a placement recommendation will be made.
  5. All fees are due prior to entrance.

Some of our students transfer from other schools or programmes. To facilitate this, we have an academic transfer process. Once accepted into our programme our Student Services Team can help place your child in an individual learning pathway.

Please contact the Academy for tuition fee information.

Fees are updated in June each Academic Year.

Payment plans are available.

Apex does not have Capital Fund Fees or recurring admin fees.

Our Guiding Principles
Every student learns differently

Elementary and secondary school are the most crucial education points of your child’s life, and that’s why we take this seriously. Our approach to education isn’t soley based on exams and test taking because we also want to help your child build an excellent character and be resilient enough to be adequately prepared for the future. It is a great accomplishment each time a student from our private school in Trinidad and Tobago is accepted into universities locally and worldwide.

Success Stories